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Vendor and publisher in Lima, Peru.

Originally from St. Louis, Mo. I have also lived in Arequipa and Bogota.

I sell Maca and Chanca Piedra.

I studied international business at UMSL. Reading “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman changed my life, and I decided to work in an emerging market. Eight years after accepting a biz-dev position in AQP, a city I had never heard of, I now joke that “I have married Peru.”

I publish the news from Peru and rants from Latin America.

See my Amazon author page. See the latest articles published on my websites in the sidebar.

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Or for a laugh, see my joke resume.

I used to party.

Maybe too hard. But now I am married with two children. A wild night these days is a few beers at home during a play date with another family.